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PIease introduce yourself: 
Hi my name is Jaqueline Mak and I’m a Visual Artist.

Tell us about the last thing you made and why you made it: 
The last thing I made is called a Kokedama . In English it’s called moss ball and that is what I made. I wrapped it around my spare fern and I’m waiting for my pilea to get stronger so I can wrap her as well and the Kokedama is right above  me so I’m excited for you to see it.


What do you make? 
I make analogue collage, digital collage and I animate them and because I have a degree in graphic design and advertising. I actually worked for BBDO and Ogilvy 1 Asia for several years as an Art Director. That’s when I decided to go back to Canada and study sculpture and installation art. Opened a whole new door. 


Who would you want to collaborate with dead or alive?
I have a list of artists that I want to collaborate with. There’s this amazing visual artist and Art Director- her name is Nagi Noda. Unfortunately she passed away. She created a bunch of weird quirky videos like the poodle workout, the hand panda, half panda-half monster dog hairstyle on a human. She did things for Coca Cola (Link to Poodle Fitness below)

And then another one I want to collaborate with is Yuni Yoshida. She’s also another Art Director. Her ideas are so vibrant. I would love to work with all female power cast and get those crazy ass ideas out there. 

Where do you see Peel Region’s Art and Culture in the future? 
I think slowly bit by bit starts with a hub, a community. Sometimes I feel like you don’t need to wait for somebody to create that safe space. You can also do that in your own studio and invite friends to your place and start there. We have the social media tools to do that now but to start somewhere I think you really need to reach your hand out and pull a fellow artist in with you. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
The best piece of advice someone has given me...I think it would be my mom; she’s always told me to be kind. That’s so important. Be kind. And I understand you will run into ups and downs and then there are those who will not be as sensitive or empathetic but if you are kind to your soul and you’re gentle with yourself, hopefully that will translate and kindness will spread throughout the world. So go kindness!





INSTAGRAM: @mak.jacqueline

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